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Cinemagain ...

Portuguese Cinema and Its Derivatives

Seeing India through a travelling shot

Hugo Gomes | 12.06.24
“Tales on Blindness” by Cláudia Alves begins with the telling of a famous Indian legend, where six blind men attempt to describe an elephant, each touching a specific part of the animal. (...)

A Pianist Who Suffers Like a Country

Hugo Gomes | 12.06.24
"How should we handle recent Portuguese history in our cinema?" This question was posed by a fellow critic outside a screening, triggered by the evident box office failure of Sérgio Graciano's (...)

O fortunate King, I have learned of ...

Hugo Gomes | 05.06.24
The RestlessRight at the introduction, when asked what connection there might be between the closure of a shipyard and the extermination of an Asian wasp plague in Viana, Miguel Gomes responded (...)

My name is not Nobody! It's Patrick!

Hugo Gomes | 05.06.24
"Patrick" prescribes itself as an identity reflection that, in turn, deconstructs established ideas of motherhood/fatherhood. Gonçalo Waddington's debut feature film is this thesis transcribed (...)

The Easy Charm of Lisbon

Hugo Gomes | 02.06.24
About "Amo-Te Imenso", there's little to say yet so much to discuss; how we see ourselves, how others see us, and how we wish to be seen. These are three forms of exposure that, within a genre (...)

The Lost Weekend

Hugo Gomes | 01.06.24
Here is the triumphant leap of André Marques into the coveted territory of feature films—after years and years dedicated to the short film format, in a career praised in cinephile, critical, (...)